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Retired, not tired. How Roslyn Lewis-Glover does ageless adventure

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

"Happily retired"from 37 years working at the City of New York, Roslyn now rides all over ther City and soon-to-be the globe with her Motobecane 21 speed or Schwinn hybrid.

Roslyn, born and bred Brooklyn lady, raised in Canarsie now residing in East New York, believes in the bicycle! Among the many types of motivations people cycle, Rosalyn mindfully chooses cycling as a tool for extending her health and fitness into retirement age, seeing the world, and simply the most sensible option for getting around the neighborhood at home.

The former runner says turned to cycling for the same reason many runners do. She explains the effective and exciting experience,"I’m not running because, at this point, it's too much pounding on your joints. Riding a bike is the best form of cardio fitness. I can see so much and go so many places while doing exercise which is why like it. It's not like exercise to me." However, when she is looking for mindful exercise Roslyn takes to either cycling's high intensity indoor form - spinning at the Brownsville Recreation Center - or adventure in small or large group rides like Bike East (register free here for Bike East coming to East New York - 8/18/18).

Rosalyn and her husband Al cycle together.

Though she has offered to help other ladies learn to ride in the street as she does, her number one ride partner is her husband, Al. Together they undertake some of Roslyn's longest rides around the boroughs, travelled across the states with their bikes by car, and gone sight seeing by bike internationally (where they rent rather than ship their own bikes). The couple has travelled to many states in the US in New England and national ecology and heritage sites including Niagara Falls, Tybee Island in South Carolina and Everglades National Park in Florida. They look forward to lots more bike tourism including South Africa in the coming year after Al also retires.

“It’s fun. He tolerates me,” Roslyn says of her tendency to take breaks to take photographs of memorable sites and objects on along the way.

Rosalyn ride her Schwinn for errands and relaxed rides like The Brown Bike Girl's "See Me" Lights ride.

Her camera is but one of the many objects she carries in her Schwinn's front basket. What else does a frequently traveller like Roslyn usually carry? Food for fueling her journeys as an errand may just turn into a long leisure ride, a towel for those hot or humid days, and portable charger are her staples while typical trips include small shopping errands and trips to visit mom (age 87!) back in Canarsie.

While Roslyn is content to participate in traditional femininity by letting Al perform all tire changes and mechanical matters (Why get dirty if someone else is willing to do it for you?) Rosalyn finds the typically "girly" basket to just be a sensible and convenient choice for anyone who is coming or going with small things.

And as parking can be hard to find in the neighborhood and she finds herself saying "oh no" to gas prices' steady ride beyond $3/gallon, Roslyn also sensibly chooses bike transportation over the car to make those small trips "now that I'm retired and have all day to get places." Roslyn encourages more people, especially as we age, should embrace the tradeoff the slightly longer bicycle travel times for being able to get the recommended 20 minutes of daily cardio to maintain their health while also getting to enjoy their local scenery in they've never done before.

In addition to lots more travel, her next adventures in bicycling include learning how to use clipless pedals (a system where special shoes connect to pedals to help a rider boost their speed and power) and officially learning how to change a tire.

Roslyn claims that she has witnessed enough tire changes on the road to believe she could do it in a pinch, but acknowledges that taking a free formal class at a bicycle shop would be an empowering step toward enabling her to confidently take longer local rides on her own. This includes her favorite route, the 20 mile loop around the Jamaica Bay, across the Rockaways, and back to East New York via Flatbush Ave near Floyd Bennet Field.

We look forward to seeing Roslyn at the 20 mile Bike East bike tour of East New York and Brownsville again this year (register free here now) and hearing the ride report from her first long solo ride.


Meet new bike friends and potential ride partners on group rides. Bike East 2018 takes place 8/18/18 and The Brown Bike Girl holds community rides all over the city year-round. Follow East Brooklyn Biking on Facebook and @TheBrownBikeGirl on IG for updates.

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